How to optimized factory management with low cost

So, did you know that Smart Integrated Technology is the current trend of solutions for factories? And with more than 25 years of experience having successfully implemented many large projects for Large enterprises, Factories and Corporations in Vietnam, requiring the best product quality and cost, SOECO – we provide you comprehensive solutions for the most efficient factories in Vietnam.

Security Camera Solution (CCTV): monitor the entire operation of the factory with continuous, detailed monitoring through images and sounds, along with intelligent algorithms used to warn when there is an event happens. Camera capacity is very diverse, perfectly suitable for various weather, temperature, and factory surroundings.

Data Network solution (Data Network): allows data connection from the head office to the subsidiary factories of the enterprise with a highly secure intrusion prevention system. Multiple devices can be connected to share resources such as printers, internet connections, management applications, and remote administration capabilities.

Access Control Solution (ASC): provides the ability to manage In - Out of employees in the factory premises, with high security through the control system by fingerprint, magnetic card, identification Face recognition, iris recognition, and temperature monitoring solutions to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus.

Smart Parking Solution (Parking System): guide & track vehicle information In - Out with a camera that recognizes license plates, ensuring damage prevention and employee property protection.

Public Notice Solution (PA): helps to quickly transmit announcements from the dispatch room to the staffs through the connected speaker system. The message can be programmed according to the diverse needs of the factory.

Moreover, SOECO is currently a major Distributor of Office Equipment: printers & multifunction printers, scanners, photocopiers, projectors, smart screens, interactive screens, video conferences, …

Therefore, we are committed to always bring our customers satisfaction, dedication and long-term benefits with each of our Products & Solutions & Services.

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