Access Control

Access control system is designed to control access to buildings, companies, factories, warehouses, functional rooms, etc. The authentication of individuals entering the premises is based on technologies such as facial recognition, smart cards, fingerprints, and passwords. Each individual is assigned an identification information (ID), specifically their face, card, or fingerprint, which the system uses to manage and authorize access to different areas within the controlled environment.

In addition to its primary function of access control, the access control system can be integrated with management software to track employee attendance and calculate their wages. It also simplifies work scheduling and task allocation.

In the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the access control system can be combined with a temperature sensor to detect individuals with a fever and those not wearing a mask, and issue warnings to ensure efficient and safe access control.

The access control system comprises the following components:

  • Access control device: for facial recognition/smart card/fingerprint/password authentication;
  • Electromagnetic lock device;
  • Door sensor;
  • Exit button, emergency button;
  • Swing barrier, turnstile barrier;
  • Management software;


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