Benefits of Soeco's "Solution for Retail System" brings to the customers

  • Security Camera (CCTV) & AI Camera solution: maximum security control at the store, statistics on the number of customers entering and leaving on demands, as well as identifying VIP customers, crowded areas customers, to help come up with ideas to enhance the store's sales & customer care capabilities.
  • Data Network solution: can connect multiple devices to share resources such as printers, internet connection, application management, and remote administration.
  •  Access Control solution (ACS): manage assets and security, effectively prevent unauthorized entry and exit at well. There are many options to implement multi-demand authentication store format.
  •  Public Announcement solution (PA): used to announce information, emergency messages and BGM (background music) in different locations. Notifications can be programmed according to the diverse needs of the store.
  • Presentation solutions (Visual Solutions): used to convey information, images and sounds of the store to many different customers. The content can be programmed according to the diverse needs of the store.

As a Management Level – you can rest assured when you are not at the store, because with the modernity of the above integrated solutions, we can always monitor directly or indirectly the activities of all stores on demands. The actions are kept tracking anywhere, at any time.

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