Video Door Phone

Video door phone (or doorbell with a camera) is a system used to manage calls made at the entrance of a building (or a residential complex - commercial center, office building, etc.) in order to control access through images and voice communication between the parties inside and outside the building.

The video door phone system allows you to see and communicate with visitors without being physically present at the entrance/lobby location. After learning the purpose of the visit and if requested, you can choose to allow or reject access by directly operating the system's device.

The main functions of the video door phone system include:

  • Internal communication connection within the apartment building/office building/villa complex.
  • Ensuring 24/24 two-way emergency communication channels to the security department from apartments, parking areas, and elevator lobbies.
  • Ensuring two-way information exchange between visitors and apartment owners.
  • Limiting the range of access for outsiders.
  • Ensuring the security and property of residents.


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